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Over the last few years, we have witnessed the emergence of new tools created by companies specializing in computer security. However, now according to the latest reports, recently, a security researcher has discovered a security flaw through which anyone can easily hack or unlock any iPhone model.

iPhone Brute Force Hack: Here’s How To Hack Any iPhone Model

The security of the iPhone is compromised after discovering a new method by brute force by which if an attacker steals your device then the attacker can easily unlock your iPhone with infinite password attempts.

The tech giant Apple’s iPhone unlock code is the main workhorse that attackers have to face if they want to unlock any victim’s device, but in the last few hours, a new brute-force method has been discovered whereby the security system of iPhone is unable to count the number of failed attempts.

Matthew Hickey, security researcher and the co-founder of Hacker House, has shown a new method that allows access to the iPhone even when it is locked through the use of infinite password attempts. This method allows to skip the security of the iPhone on devices with iOS 11.4 or lower.

Thanks to the Secure Enclave system of the iPhone, the device is able to identify unsuccessful access attempts to block it or even to erase all of its information. However, it seems that the Secure Enclave of iPhone has a security hole that allows an attacker to make infinite attempts to unlock as long as the device has iOS 11.4 or below and with a Lightning cable.

Apparently, there is a way by which if all the passwords are sent to unlock the phone at the same time, the iPhone’s security system detects it only as a single attempt. In this way, the attacker could send a single access request but full of billions of passwords to try to unlock any type of device.

Obviously, it is not a simple process and requires an experienced attacker with adequate access programs, and according to the password of each user, the process can last up to thousands of hours.

It is likely that this failure of iPhone security has been resolved in the coming weeks by the tech giant Apple itself, and it will be no longer possible to use with the next iOS 12.

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