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We all know very well that in the world of browsers, the tech giant Google’s most used web browser, of course, Chrome browser dominates and is the browser chosen by maximum numbers of users. However, to surpass the Chrome browser, the tech giant Microsoft just added a new powerful feature to its Edge browser.

Microsoft Added A New Powerful Feature To Its Edge Browser

Soon, all the tech users of the tech giant Microsoft’s Edge browser will be able to disable the display of ads while using the browser on mobile devices. The feature has already begun to be tested with some Android and iOS users.

It will be integrated into the application and will not require the installation of any add-ons. The blocker can be enabled directly in the Edge settings.

According to the well-known media, of course, The Verge, the tech giant Microsoft has developed the new functionality in partnership with Adblock Plus.

The tool is the most popular in its segment and has a very rigid policy on ads. For this reason, the blocking is expected to be larger than that in other browsers.

The tech giant Google’s well-known and the most used web browser, of course, Chrome, for example, has a native ad blocker, but only removes ads that are considered intrusive. To do this, it hides what was considered poor quality advertising by the Coalition for Better Ads.

For the tech giant Microsoft, the ad blocker is yet another bet to make its latest and most advanced web browser, of course, Edge more popular. The browser has at least 5 million downloads on Android but is still a long way from the tech giant Google’s Chrome browser, which is present in 1 billion devices.

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