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We all know very well that the giant Apple introduced a number of innovations and improvements in its latest mobile operating system iOS 12. However, now according to the latest reports, the tech giant Apple's iOS 12 simply driving everyone crazy.

OMG! Apple's iOS 12 Beta Is Driving Everyone Crazy

The tech giant Apple introduced a number of innovations and improvements in its latest mobile operating system iOS 12. Some of these innovations were evolutions of other known functionalities, although they have been interesting technological leaps, we speak for example of the new function Screen Time.

Regarding Screen Time, Tim Cook was amazed at the quality of information collected, showing us our habits and how we use technology.

This type of functionality, which is beginning to focus on all operating systems – as we can see, for example, in Android, allow us to monitor, evaluate and qualify the type of use we make of mobile devices.

Screen Time is a function that takes advantage of the device tech, a system that collects weather information where the user uses the device, which applications you use most, what time we use our device more and various other information properly represented in illustrative graphs showing the relationship that the user has with his/her iPhone.

However, now recently, screenshots of the tech giant Apple's iPhones and iPads from users running the latest beta version of iOS 12 began to emerge on social networks, showing a notification that is making everyone angry.

The pop-up, which claims a new version of iOS is available, appears every time the device is unlocked. Yes, it is right, that annoying popup appears every time when the device is unlocked.

Although it is possible to remove this warning, but, it is not possible to update the devices because, in fact, the new official version of iOS 12 is not yet available. Hence due to this bug, this annoying popup appears every time whenever the device is unlocked. Both programmers and members of the tech giant Apple's public beta program are having this problem on their iPhones and iPads.

Apparently, the annoying pop-up can appear in different situations and usually happens every time the device is unlocked. However, some users say that it has already appeared when they invoked the Control Center and others say it appears at random time intervals.

According to iOS developer Guilherme Rambo, there is a bug in calculating the expiration date of the current build and that's why the system is making the notification appear.

However, to solve this problem, the tech giant Apple has released the beta version 12 for iOS 12 programmers. Hence, now all the beta users have the opportunity to install the new version to receive the fixes and get rid of this annoying bug.

Moreover, we all know very well that about two weeks left for the launch of the new iPhones and at the time all users will simply receive the final and the stable version of iOS 12 on their devices.

We all know that the tech giant Apple's hardware launch, of course, I am talking about the upcoming launch event which will be held on Sept 12 at Steve Jobs Theater, where we all can expect some new and extraordinary news, so, stay tuned for more updates.

So, are you also facing this same problem in the beta version of iOS 12? Simply share all your problems and thoughts regarding this new crazy iOS 12 bug.


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