This TikTok Star’s Underage Nudes Were Leaked And Used To Harass Her

A spokesperson told TheNewstip that they were aware of the behaviour and were cracking down on it. They denied Guthrie’s account had been affected by their moderation.

“The offending imagery, which originated on another platform, has been removed from and the accounts have been banned,” they said.

Guthrie is disappointed with TikTok’s response. Guthrie’s profile had been flooded with her underage images for days before the offending comments and accounts began to be deleted en masse. TikTok’s search autocomplete function still suggests “Megnutt02 leaks” when you type in her account name. No-one from the platform contacted Guthrie, despite her attempts to get in touch.

The images are still popping up on TikTok, however.

“There’s no excuse for TikTok allowing this. They need to have a better protocol in place. People report the account, but the account gets taken down 24 hours later, and by then they’ve already made two new accounts,” Guthrie said.

Guthrie was heartened, however, by the response from other big TikTok creators who supported her in messages and videos. She said it’s common for young women on TikTok to be sexualised by people on the platform, and that others had also had their and shared without their consent.

Some people even began comparing Guthrie to Amanda Todd, a 15-year-old who killed herself after she was blackmailed into sharing intimate images online. Guthrie said she’s OK, and has been able to cope with the harassment so far.

“Luckily, I have the right support system and I’ve been able to move past this and not let it affect me. I’m lucky that I’m in a good place,” she said.

Things haven’t changed too much for Guthrie. Like many others, she’s studying from home. She still wants to become an actor. She’s even still making TikToks (including videos that address her harassment.)

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