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Let’s face it, your New Year’s Resolutions went out the window faster than Usain Bolt at a track meet and you spent the first month of 2018 wondering how it was already 2018. But while you were thinking about the fact that we are only two years away from round two of the roaring 20’s, big things happened in the world of technology.

From Facebook reconsidering its newsfeed to Sundance announcing an out of this world series, literally, here are five of the most viral news stories in tech and media for the month of January, including their outbound virality.

** Outbound virality definition: The total accumulation of online engagements, likes and shares for published content on the internet. **


Outbound Virality: 41.1K Total Shares

With over two billion Facebook users, Facebook announced a shift in what the Facebook community will see in their newsfeeds. Instead of branded content and viral videos, members will instead scroll through posts from friends and family. “We want to make sure that our products are not just fun, but are good for people,” Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and co-founder of Facebook said.


Outbound Virality: 33.2K Total Shares

In an announcement made by the Internet Association, America’s largest technology companies including Google and Netflix plan to fight against the Federal Communications Commission over its repeal of net neutrality on January 11, 2018. “In 2018, the Internet is united in defense of #NetNeutrality. As for the FCC, we will see you in court,” Netflix tweeted.


Outbound Virality: 19.4K Total Shares

Researchers at the RMIT University and Peter Gibson of Monash University in Australia have done it, they have invented a pill that is able to track, for lack of a better word, flatulence. While this news is a bit unusual in all things tech, the device mirrors a normal pill but instead has sensors for temperature, CO2, H2 and O2 in addition to a tiny oxide battery. Now that’s wind-breaking – we mean ground-breaking.


Outbound Virality: 9.3K Total Shares

CityLights, a VR financing and distribution venture announced that it will be taking on a three-part series titled Spheres that will offer a virtual, 360-degree experience as users explore space. With a confirmed 7-figure deal with Sundance, VR filmmaking is expanding the way content is brought to audiences all the while evolutionizing storytelling.


Outbound Virality: 8.3K Total Shares

LG revealed its new product line of “concept robots” that have the potential to assume jobs from actual humans in hospitality and the service industry. While these employable robots are not ready to takeover quite yet, a report released November of 2017 by McKinsey & Company states that workers worldwide could be replaced by robots by 2030.

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