Latest Lenovo Mirage AR Game Dives Into Marvel Comics

is bringing a new game to its Mirage AR headset, and this time, players control Marvel's iconic superheroes to battle the forces of evil.

Marvel Dimension of Heroes is the company's partnership with Disney on an augmented reality game. It follows Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, which used the Mirage AR headset to pit players against Sith Lords and Stormtroopers. Dimension of Heroes applies the same concept to the world of Marvel comics. Choose from six characters such as Thor, Captain Marvel, and Star-Lord and save the planet from the supervillain Dormammu.

Marvel Dimension of Heroes 2

During the battles, you'll be able to throw punches, launch energy blasts, and dodge incoming attacks as the action beams through the headset. The game isn't full VR, but augmented reality, meaning you'll see real-life surroundings, like the carpet and couch, as the virtual action unfolds around you.

Mirage AR headset

Like Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, the package come with the Mirage AR headset and an external, orb-like sensor you place in the room to track your physical movements. Instead of a light saber peripheral, however, Marvel Dimension of Heroes comes bundled with a pair of controllers that fit over your knuckles.

To play the game, you'll need a compatible smartphone, which can be slotted inside the Mirage AR headset. The augmented reality images from the game will be projected from your smartphone, and then through the headset as you wear it. The game itself is offered as a free downloadable app.

We tried the game briefly last month, taking control of Star-Lord and fighting off waves of approaching Kree warriors, all inside an office room. The gameplay was pretty straightforward: as the enemies appeared in the headset, we used the two controllers to fire off energy blasts to vaporize our foes into digital dust.

The headset and the external sensor also tracked our movements in the room, allowing us to dodge incoming enemy bullets simply by ducking or moving from side to side. However, the tracking wasn't perfect; we'd point our controllers at an enemy, but the aiming was sometimes slightly off. As an AR game, you're also not getting high-resolution images like in typical video games, but holographic, semi-transparent characters that pop up into your field of view.

Marvel Dimension of Heroes

Marvel Dimension of Heroes offers an intriguing story: Dormammu has succeeded in devastating the Earth, but in a last-ditch effort to salvage it, the sorcerer Dr. Strange reverses time, offering our heroes another chance to save the day.

One factor that may limit the game's appeal is its $249 price tag, which is substantial when you consider other video game consoles and VR headsets support more content. However, customers who buy Marvel Dimension of Heroes will also be able to play Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, which is available as a free app on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The two controllers will substitute for the light saber peripheral.

Unfortunately, Lenovo hasn't said when it'll release the controllers as a separate package so existing owners of Star Wars: Jedi Challenges can play. But the company says the controllers, a requirement for Marvel Dimension of Heroes, will go on sale in the near future.

We were told to expect about 30 hours of gameplay from the story mode in Marvel Dimension of Heroes. But the game also comes with a survival mode and co-op mode for further replay. The $249 package will be on sale via and starting tomorrow.

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