Meta Xtadium Enables 8K Streaming for Boxing Clash in Virtual Reality

Meta Xtadium platform will be used by DAZN to broadcast the match between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz in (VR). Despite facing significant financial losses in technological development, Meta continues to use sports events to drive its metaverse ambitions.

The fight is scheduled for August 5th in Dallas, Texas, and will be offered on a pay-per-view basis on DAZN's global streaming platform. Viewers can access the VR broadcast through the Xtadium application on their Meta Quest headset. The VR experience is priced the same as a traditional feed and offers a more personalized viewing experience with 180-degree VR streams in up to 8K video quality, real-time statistical overlays, and multiple camera angles.

Xtadium is one of the key components of Meta's metaverse ecosystem. Although Meta's core social networking business contributed significantly to the company's revenue growth, with a 11% increase to US$32 billion in Q2, its metaverse revenues remain relatively small. VR and augmented (AR) products generated only US$276 million during this period, while Meta's Reality Labs suffered a loss of US$3.7 billion. Despite this, Meta remains committed to its long-term investment in the metaverse.

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has always shown a strong interest in sports. Although it initially explored streaming and acquiring sports rights, it later positioned itself as a platform for third parties. Xtadium and Horizon Worlds have gained support from rights holders, but user enthusiasm has been limited due to factors such as awareness and access to technology.

The launch of Apple's Vision Pro headset is expected to address some of these limitations and benefit companies like Meta. Sports events, such as boxing, are ideal use cases for VR, AR, and mixed reality technologies, and the success of these high-profile events will play a crucial role in advancing the metaverse concept.

Despite the ongoing financial challenges, Meta's commitment to sports and immersive technologies remains steadfast.

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