New VR solution helps engineers detect early design risks

French software firm ESI Group and AR software solutions provider Diota have vowed to solve issues related with factory assembly and in-service maintenance via an end-to-end , which leverages digital data to provide improved productivity, quality and traceability, thereby negating operational risk.

The solution, called IC.IDO, is a dedicated VR solution designed to help engineers identify design as early as possible in the product or process lifecycles. The solution is already being used by industry giants like Boeing, Bombardier, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford and Safran, et al.

The solution will be demonstrated live at the 21st edition of Laval Virtual in France, which is scheduled from 20 to 24 March. At the event, ESI will present many use cases that focus on human-centric assembly process validation, which is one of the most important aspect of Industry 4.0 where ergonomics and workflows need to be completely rethought for operators to deliver optimum efficiency while interacting with layers of new technologies.

AR also plays a vital role in manufacturing assembly. Once implemented, solutions from Diota help factory operators to better understand and execute difficult operations with the help of digital work instructions and contextualised contents visualised in their workspace systematically.

Last October, enterprise-centric AR software provider Upskill launched its primary product ‘Microsoft HoloLens for Skylight'. The platform is loaded with many features, ranging from multi-window viewing, to hand gestures and head gazing to navigate applications. It can also access and display reference materials like work instructions and engineering drawings in PDF format without the impractical need to re-author content.

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