10 Best Dictionary App For Android in 2020

Are you facing difficulty in understanding the true meaning of English words? Then you should install a free dictionary on your smartphone that provides you with the correct meaning. Dictionary app can also be helpful for you in expanding your vocabulary, not just about the meaning; they also offer all the other information like, in which condition you can use this word & other also show related words.

When it comes to the Dictionary app for Android, there are tons of options available out there; Here in this article, we are going to review 10 best dictionary applications that you can install.

1. English Dictionary Offline By Livio

This application comes with more than 341000 English definitions and a large number of inflected forms. You can also easily manage your bookmarks, personal notes, and search history.

It also allows you to share the meaning & definition of words through the Gmail & WhatsApp; With the help of advance OCR plugin, you can also use the camera to search.

2. English Hindi Dictionary Offline By Innovative Software

This English Hindi Dictionary provides you with the Hindi meaning of the particular word; you search both in Hindi to English & English to Hindi.

There is no need for the internet; this application works entirely offline; you can also search by Voice Search & also listen to the pronunciation of any word.

3. Oxford Dictionary Of English Free By Mobisystems

Help you to stay updated with, latest words & expressions; it works with the most recent 2019 database update by the Oxford University Press.

It features 75000 audio pronunciations, also allows you to translate any words while using other apps thanks to its tap to translate features.

4. English To Hindi Dictionary Offline By XBee

Not just limited to the meaning or definition, this application also provides you with synonyms, antonyms & sentences as the example. You can also take a quiz to test your vocabulary, also listen to the pronunciation for difficult words, it’s wholly offline & free.

5. Offline Advanced English Dictionary And Translator By Freesharpapps

It comes with advanced features of a multilingual translater that allows you to translater from any language without the internet; it’s entirely offline.

Offers you complete information of any word, their antonyms, synonyms, nearby words & hyponym, you can share the words with their comes meaning on Whatsapp in one click.

6. Advanced Offline Dictionary By Volcera

This is a thesaurus of words, contain more than 300,000 straightforward definitions with synonyms, with the help of its advance search, you can search with different criteria, word start, exact match or any substring.

Also, provide you with the definition in both American or British accent, works entirely offline.

7. Advanced English Dictionary, Meanings & Definition By S A Technologies

This Advanced English Dictionary offers you detailed information, meaning, and definitions with examples of over more than 500,000+ words, it the among the highest-rated dictionary on Google Playstore.

It supports both text or voice input, best dictionary for the kids, very easy to interface.

8. Offline Dictionary – English To All Language

You will get the meaning of any word in your language; it’s an English to All Language, features more than 350,000 words, definitions, synonyms, antonyms & 200,000 sentences with 50,000+ examples.

You also get the information about all countries, their name, flag, language, population & all the other information.

 9. Offline English Dictionary By Click apps

It allows you to check the pronunciations of any word with the help of its Text to speech option; even you can also bookmark those words that you don’t know for future reference.

Comes with more than 145000 Words with their meaning, examples & synonyms. It’s straightforward to use.

10. English Dictionary Offline By Dictamp

This dictionary by Dictamp comes with tons of advanced features such as voice search, search filter, audio pronunciations, training features, bookmark, favorite words & also allows you to take notes.

Almost all of the free, you can directly install them from Google Playstore. We hope this article is helpful to you. If the article is useful for you in any manner, then do share it on social media, Stay connected with us for future .


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