25 Best Custom ROMs For Your Rooted Android Device

In this article, we are going to share some of the best ROMs for that you can use today to explore new designs and interfaces.

1. CyanogenMod


As today Cyanogen interface is getting much popular after the release of One Plus One and One plus Two. This custom ROM is really one of the best that completely changes your Android interface. You can easily find the stable version of this ROM for your Android device with the respective model. The cool features and super fast interface make this ROM best of all the others.

2. Pac-Man ROM

Pac-man Rom

This ROM is also a good one and personally tested by me on my Android device. This ROM gives a fresh look to your Android. Flashing this ROM is the best way to get rid of the boring look of stock ROM. So, must give a try to this ROM in your Android.


MiUI Rom

As of today, you all are familiar with Xiaomi mobiles and their cool interface. Now you can get that interface in your Android using this cool ROM. You will get all the features of MI on your Android, the same icon looks, lock features and all the interface exactly the same. This is one of the best custom ROM that I loved to use on my Android.

4. Paranoid Android

Paranoid ROM

This is the best ROM you will ever try. This ROM is fast, stable and supports a ton of devices, including the Nexus series and the OnePlus One, although for the recent you might want to check out the newly released OxygenOS (a part of PA’s team has contributed to its development) before you decide to settle for Paranoid Android. Must try this ROM in your Android.

5. OmniROM


This is also a better choice than your default interface of your Android. Its interface somehow looks like the interface of Micromax and Lava etc but this Rom is better than them. So you must try out this ROM as this will speed up the processing of your Android device.

6. Aokp Custom Rom

Aokp custom rom

This ROM is better than the number where it is listed. In this ROM, you will be able to find all the settings of ROM in the ROM control tab in Settings, also the features is pretty much awesome as well – you can easily change the height of the navigation bar according to your needs and lots more that you will get to know after flashing this in your Android.

7. SlimROMs


This is only ROM whose interface I love till know, no launcher can compete with this. In this ROM, there is cool apps chooser at the right corner, a cool menu exposure and lots more that you can watch out for using this in your device.

8. Carbon ROM


This is also a good ROM with a great interface. Actually this ROM best fits for the users that want more in less space. This ROM compresses the size of everything and there are lots of new features that you can discover in this ROM. So, must try this ROM.

9. Vanilla RootBox

Vanilla Root box

Like its name, this ROM is also an interesting one and one of the refreshing ROM that you will love to flash in your device. Vanilla RootBox definitely fits this pattern as it combines the super powers of the above-mentioned ROMs. Must try out this once.

10. BlissROM

BlissRom offers the most features of any other ROM available. You could spend the next few months trying out features and still have more to go. BlissROM is a one stop shop for all your phones features.

11. Ressurection Remix

Ressurection Remix

Each and every part of Resurrection Remix ROM is open source. Everyone can contribute to its development. Resurrection Remix ROM is available for various devices with amazing support from fellow users and developers in forums. Resurrection Remix ROM has a mix of features from many ROMs, including Paranoid Android, Omni, Slim, and AOKP.

12. Flyme OS


Flyme OS is a firmware developed by Meizu for smartphones based on the Android operating system. The key features are its simple UI, one-handed usability and performance optimizations. The latest version of this OS is the Flyme.

13. ColorOS

ColorOS is computer software, an operating system created by OPPO Electronics (OPPO) of Guangdong, China. It is a fork of Google’s operating system Android. The major difference between Google Android and OPPO ColorOS is that the later includes some features unavailable in the former. Such features include gestures for screen off, a screen on, communication, a security center, lock screen magazines, options for a long screenshot, eye protection, and others.

14. Vibe UI

Vibe UI

The Lenovo Vibe UI is a custom made user interface that overlays the Android operating system on Lenovo Smartphones like the Lenovo Vibe P1. Vibe UI is Clear and intuitive operation convenient and simple, modern cordial affinity and light and agile.

15. Liquid Smooth ROM

Liquid Smooth ROM

This is the last but not the least one and also, if you’re a person who is dying to increase your Android phone’s performance, Liquid Smooth ROM is just for you. It emphasis purely on performance and speed. The UI is left alone, as like naked Android. Must try out this ROM.

16. Cataclysm


Well, this is not a very fancy looking ROM, as it shares the stock Android look. However, it brings some valuable addition to performance. This ROM brings several options like toggles, lock screens, customization options for the status bar, notifications, etc.

17. Dirty Unicorns

Dirty Unicorns

This open-source ROM is supported on many devices. This Marshmallow based ROM includes CM Theme Engine along with some extraordinary features. The ROM also includes a ‘Dirty Tweak’ category, where users will find various tweaks like double-tap to lock, immersive mode, etc.

18. XenonHD


XenonHD is a completely open-source. You can download the source and bring love to your device! XenonHD offers just the right amount of customization and options. It is not bloated with features that you will never use!.

19. Lineage OS

Lineage OS

As we all know that Cyanogen OS had shut down and the services are now alive under the new Lineage OS open source project. Right now lineage os is using Cyanogen OS Source code and this is why it is one of the Best Custom ROM you can have on your rooted Android.

20. Euphoria OS


Euphoria OS which is also known as Mahdi is another popular ROM that is based on AOSP. The best thing about this custom ROM is it uses a custom kernel, which is supposed to bring better performance and battery usage. Users will get lots of personalization options and features like privacy guard, LED manager, hardware keys configuration, etc.

21. AOSP Extended


AOSP Extended is another best custom ROM for your Android that you can use in 2019. It’s built directly from the AOSP source code. The great thing about AOSP extended is it comes with lots of features. Users will get various customizability options that can be used to modify the lock screen, status bar, and other Android settings.

22. Pure Nexus

Pure Nexus

Well, if you want to enjoy Nexus or Pixel features without owning a Google device, then Pure Nexus could be a perfect choice. The custom ROM not only brings the look of Google Nexus or Pixel devices, but it also brings in all the features. The main purpose of Pure Nexus is to bring some customization options without losing out on the stock stability.

23. Carbon ROM


Well, if you want to install a stable ROM on your device, then you should pick Carbon ROM. Carbon ROM is considered as one of the stable ROMs out there in the web. The custom ROM Brings lots of features in the form of carbon fibers. The ROM actually includes lots of mods for the system which can be used to tweak the status bar, buttons, lights, gestures, and many other things

24. ViperOS


It’s another best custom ROM for rooted Android that’s pretty neat and simple. Well, if you are looking for a Custom ROM that offers tons of customization options, then ViperOS might disappoint you because it offers a great balance between battery and performance. The Custom ROM has been optimized well to consume fewer resources. So, ViperOS is another best custom ROM for Android that you can use right now.

25. XOSP


Well, XOSP means Xperia Open Source Project will bring the touch and feel of Xperia phones on your Android. The Custom ROM offers tons of customization options that can transform the look of your Android. Apart from that, XOSP is mostly known for its sound quality and it will greatly improve the overall sound quality of your device. You can expect tons of music-related features with XOSP. So, if you are a music lover, then you will love XOSP for sure.

So, above are the Top Best Custom Rom For Rooted Android. Before selecting any of the above ROM to make sure that it’s for your Android model and must be free from bugs that are the stable one. As if you flash a wrong or buggy ROM then there will be the risk of bricking up your Android phone. I hope you like this guide, do share with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.


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