5 apps absolutely worth a look this week

New applications and games appear every day on the Google Play Store. Like every weekend, we help you to see things more clearly by offering you our selection, with the help of our community. What does the Play Store have in for us this week? Applications and games of all kinds!

Vivaldi Browser

Currently available in a beta version, Vivaldi Browser is finally available on Android (iOS will have to wait a little longer). This web browser, known for its desktop version launched in 2016, is a fast and efficient alternative to , Opera or Firefox. You’ll find everything that makes up the essence of a browser here with tab management, a private mode, a download manager, instant screenshots and even notes with rich text support. The application is, of course, free and already supports end-to-end encryption, the synchronization of your passwords, bookmarks, notes, open tabs, and more.

androidpit vivaldi browser

You can download this app on the Play Store by following this link.


Designed by the creators of Golf Peaks, inbento is a fun little game with a sleek design that allows you to solve puzzles. Inspired by bentō cuisine and Japanese aesthetics, inbento offers more than a hundred puzzles to solve. Admittedly, you will have to pay a couple of bucks to be able to it, but you will be completely rid of the ads. Recommended for all fans of the genre!

You can download this application from the Play Store by following this link.

GCA Launcher

GCA Launcher is a new launcher for Android. Taking up a material design, it offers a practical aesthetic and smooth experience similar to Stock Android. Above all, it has been designed to be compatible with all smartphones, including the less powerful ones (such as those running Android Go).

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androidpit gca launcher

You can download this app on the Play Store by following this link.


Do you know SNIKS? These are small multicolored snakes that you must control to eat fruit while carefully ensuring that they do not get in the way. It’s a kind of modern SNAKE (the Nokia game) and is just as addictive as the original version with a little more thought.

You can download this game from the Play Store by following this link.

Men in Black: Global Invasion

If you like Pokémon Go and you are interested in the world of Men in Black, then Men in Black: Global Invasion may be of interest to you. You are immersed in the life of a MIB agent and have to go looking for aliens. You need to explore the streets of your city to find them via augmented reality. Once captured, you can improve and evolve the aliens to launch them in turn against other MIB agents.

androidpit men in black invasion

You can download this game from the Play Store by following this link.

Do you know of any other good applications released in the last few days?

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