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first unveiled its all-electric E-Type last year as a concept design, with only Prince Harry and his new bride, Meghan Markle, seen publicly driving one after the Royal Wedding.

But now the Jaguar E-Type Zero is going into full production and you'll soon be able to buy one yourself. It'll likely still cost a fair penny, but you can register your interest to find out how much on a dedicated Jaguar Classic webpage.

In addition, you can even have your existing petrol Jaguar E-Type converted to an all-electric vehicle. Jaguar Classic Works will swap out the powertrain for its latest all-electric version based on the same system in the I-Pace. This will be done in the UK for vehicles in Britain and you can also find out the details on the website above.

There is now also a Classic Works available in the US.

The Jaguar E-Type Zero (formerly called E-Type Concept Zero) looks identical to the regular E-Type on the outside – itself still based on the classic design of the 60s model.


However, you can also add an optional touchscreen infotainment system to the 60s-styled interior, given it a modern refresh. There are also LED headlights, which weren't on the original, of course.

It can go from 0-62mph in less than seven seconds and the new electric powertrain has been designed to retain the car's balance, handling and performance.

It will start to ship in 2020.

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