Amazon plans to expand channel line-up on Amazon Video, should Sky, BT and Virgin Media be worried? | Apps & Software

Amazon could be growing its Amazon Video service to be a valid rival to paid TV platforms, such as Sky, Virgin Media and BT.

As well as secure some of the live Premier League football rights from 2019, which will be available to Amazon Prime members, it is actively looking to greatly expand its “Channels” section of Amazon Video.

The company has posted a job advert for a new “head of free-to-air TV and advertising”, which has prompted speculation over what that role could entail.

Analysts claim that it effectively means Amazon is looking to strike deals with broadcasters across Europe to range their channels on its Amazon Video platform on Fire TV and other devices.

The interesting part is “free-to-air” as most existing services offered in its Channels line-up are subscription-based – you have pay additional fees on top of your Prime membership.

If it is to put free channels on its platform, possibly supported through advertising, that could make Amazon’s Fire TV set-top-boxes all-in-one TV solutions and direct competitors to Sky Q, Virgin TV and BT TV. Then, when you add the hundreds of video streaming and games apps available on Fire TV already, it becomes a very compelling alternative.

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