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This morning Google made an official comment on the fabled Android Dark Theme. “We have added support for a Dark theme to be applied to quick settings and launcher under Settings -> Display -> Device Theme,” said a Google developer representative. “It will be available in a future Android build.” Lucky you, we’ve already got it for you – sort of.

There’s already a Dark Mode and Light Mode on the latest version of Android Oreo. It’s automatic – and that’s part of what some Android users suggest is the problem. What’s in play right now is Wallpaper-based automatic theme switching. If you have a wallpaper, the theme is dark. If you have a light wallpaper, the theme is light.

The differences in theme come in the pulldown menu – and a few different tiny places. It’s not a major deal to the vast majority of average users, but that’s not you. You wouldn’t tap in to an article about a Dark Theme without an agenda! There’s a whole bunch of developer preview people right along with you on this one.

The good news is, that toggle switch we’re waiting for is on its way. When the switch is enabled, we’ll be able to have a white background with black menu bar and elements. Ideally we’d be able to roll with transparent, too – but that’s not necessarily on the docket just yet. For now, courage.

If you’re sick and tired the the tyranny of having to have a white set of elements when you have a wallpaper that’s blacker than night, there’s an option for you right now, too. Head over to our Best Android Launchers list and get yourself hooked up. There’s no better place than here, there’s no better time than now.

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