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Google revealed its statistics at the beginning of September just after launching Android Pie to the world. Having revised those numbers to the end of September, Android Pie continues to remain absent from the numbers.

Launched in early August for the Google Pixel and Pixel 2, Android Pie is now available for the Essential Phone, OnePlus 6 and also the Nokia 7 Plus. However, the numbers are still too low for Android Pie to make it to the list. What this essentially means is that Android Pie is currently available in less than 0.1 percent of the total number of Android smartphones across the world.

Android P

Android P

In comparison, Android Oreo saw a sizable jump, with Oreo 8.0 at 13.4 percent from the previously stated 11.4 percent and Oreo 8.1 at 5.8 percent, up from 3.2 percent. Collectively this adds up to a total of 19.2 percent, making it the third most used version of Android.

At the top of the pile, its still Android Nougat, which might have seen a small dip from 30.8 percent to 29.3 percent, but continues to be the most popular amongst Android versions. A far as numbers are concerned, Android Marshmallow is at 21.6 percent and Lollipop at 18.3 percent. Rounding out the list is good old KitKat with just 7.8 percent.

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