Apple confirms its iCloud Mail experiences outage

iCloud is down for some users as confirms that its email service is grappling with issues.

Given that, if you are having a difficult time accessing your iCloud inbox, it turns out that you are not alone in this trouble.

Are the other services of the iPhone maker affected? Its system status page gave us a glimpse at how the others are doing.

iCloud Mail Down

According to a recent report by Mac Rumors, some users of iCloud Mail took to social media to complain that they are facing issues trying to access their accounts on the Apple service.

Some users have stormed the now Elon Musk-owned social media service, Twitter, to report the outage that they are experiencing in the past few hours.

However, Mac Rumors notes in its report that the volume of complaints on Twitter and elsewhere seems to be on relatively low volume. That said, it looks like the outage is only affecting a few users.

One Twitter user asked if “anyone [else's iCloud Mail is] not loading for them.”

The official Twitter page of Apple Support responded, saying that “At this time, some iCloud mail users may be unable to receive messages.”

Apple Confirms Experiencing Outage Issues

The iPhone maker went on to assure its users that the “System Status page will be updated once the issue is resolved.”

And as such, we headed to the Apple website. And as of writing, iCloud Mail is still grappling with an “Issue.” The System Status page says that the outage is still “ongoing.”

So it looks like the renowned tech giant is still figuring out how to fix the current issue with its email service.

The support page further disclosed that the issue only affects some users. However, those experiencing the outage might have to deal with “slow or unavailable” service.

Meanwhile, the other services of the iPhone maker are unaffected by the iCloud Mail outage. To be more precise, all other iCloud services remain to sport the “Available” status on the System Status page of the tech behemoth.

It is worth noting that the tech firm has yet to publicly explain why its email service has suddenly gone wonky for some users.

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