Apple add new safety feature to alert users of ‘unknown trackers’ moving with you

Apple iOS add new feature that can help you stop a stalker, family member or possessive partner from keeping tabs on you and your location.

Apple ‘Item Safety Alerts’ in iOS 14.5

A new safety feature in the iOS 14.5 beta called “Item Safety Alerts,” which you’ll be able to find under the Me tab upon release. Enabled by default, this feature will notify you if an unknown item is moving with you.

Perhaps you’re wondering what that means exactly. Well, if for instance, someone were to put a tracker of some kind on your person or in your pocket, bag, car, etc., Find My will alert you and allow you to find and disable it.

You can turn these alerts off, but it’s not recommended. If you try to turn them off, a pop-up warning will come up that reads: “The owner of an unknown item will be able to see your location and you will no longer receive notifications when an unknown item is found moving with you.”

Apple Continues To Improve Its Find My App

Apple hasn’t yet officially given us any details about Item Safety Alerts. This feature was tested and eventually removed in early versions of iOS 14.3, but it’s reassuring to see it return in the iOS 14.5 beta.

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