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We at Pocket-lint write about tech for a living, and even we are confused about the next ’s name. We’ve seen so many iterations at this point, from iPhone X2 to iPhone XS, and now, thanks to a new report, we’ve been treated to the latest supposed name: iPhone XS

Apple is thought to be releasing two new OLED iPhone X-like devices this year: a refreshed 5.8-inch model, which might be iPhone XS, and a 6.5-inch version, which we now know should be called the iPhone XS Max, according to anonymous sources speaking to Tech News. It’s an odd path for Apple to take, considering it normally uses the “Plus” moniker to differentiate its bigger iPhones from smaller ones.

But now rivals like Samsung now also use “+”, so we guess the move does make sense for Apple. In addition to the new name, the iPhone XS Max will reportedly come with a larger battery and improved internal specs like a new A12 processor and 4GB of RAM. For more rumours and leaks and reports concerning the next iPhone models, three of which might debut on 12 September, see Pocket-lint’s round-up here.

Apple will officially announce its latest products next week, and Pocket-lint will be there to bring you the latest as it happens.

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