Audible gets guided meditation and workouts courtesy of Aaptiv | Apps

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is getting into the fitness business with a little help from . The Amazon-owned audiobook giant is adding content from the popular audio fitness app. There are only three courses to start — all firmly targeted at beginners.

There’s audio coaching to run a mile, a 5K and a guided course, all with 20 sessions apiece. The service says it will be adding new courses through the year, including four and a session aimed at improving sleep in the coming weeks.

The exclusive courses will be offered up for free to Audible members through September of next year — at which point, one imagines, there will be an added premium on top of the standard Audible subscription fee.

For the moment, Audible appears to just be dipping its toes in the water on this one. I wouldn’t be too nervous if I was in charge of a fitness or meditation app just yet, though its decision to move forward will almost certainly depend on how much interest this initial crop generates.

If Audible opts to keep the content free for subscriptions, however, it could certainly prove a compelling reason to make the switch.

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