BBC Sounds app launches as a personalised music service for the "new generation" | Tech News

The BBC has announced it will be launching a brand new app later today on iOS, Android and Amazon devices that will collate all of the Beeb’s live and on demand radio, music and podcasts into one app, to make it easier to discover new music.

Called BBC Sounds, it sounds like it’s a music streaming service of sorts, albeit a free one and with content only being pulled in from the BBC’s services. The company says there’s 80,000 hours worth of audio to pull from. Each user will have a unique experience using the app as music, radio shows and podcasts are recommended based on your listening habits.

Anyone who has used the BBC iPlayer Radio app will immediately feel at home, as the dial control from that app has been brought across to BBC Sounds, so you can select any of the 18 national stations, or an All Stations button will let you listen in to any of the 40 local radio stations across the country. If you have to stop what you’re listening to for any reason, you can easily pick up where you left off with the Continue Listening feature.

The BBC will curate music and podcasts into various moods and playlists such as Live Sessions, Dance Mixes and Funny Chat, while a Recommended For You tab does just that, serve up audio you should like based on what you’ve already listened to. If you do find a podcast or radio programme you like, you can easily subscribe to it so you can listen to the rest in the series. 

This is the first app of its kind for the BBC and the company is well aware it probably won’t be absolutely perfect at first. In a press release, the BBC said it “wanted to get it out as early as possible to start getting feedback to help develop the app.”

“There’s a bunch of additional features we’re already busy working on (including downloads, to enable offline listening), and we’ll have lots more to add later in the year, but we’d love to hear how you’d like to see the app develop.”

The BBC Sounds app will be available for download later today.

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