Best HTML desktop editors for web developers

HTML is a standard language for creating websites and applications. It is a great skill for web to have, as well as anyone eager to make their own web page.

An HTML editor is a hugely valuable tool for novice coders up to seasoned . A good editor should provide basic, but vital, functions such as a spell checker, line numbers, autocomplete and page preview.

How an HTML editor differs from just any word processor is that it can help you know whether your code is written proficiently. This means errors are caught immediately, without the need to scan over pages of codes manually. This, along with other capabilities such as the ability to auto-insert frequently used and useful bits of code make these a must.

Sometimes, editing tools are offered as part of a wider integrated development environment (IDE), which will also provide other tools that are valuable to developers.

Here, we run through the top HTML you should try. These vary in functionality and cost – from top of the range offerings to completely free software.

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