Dropbox Introduces Image Text Recognition for Premium Users

Dropbox has now introduced automatic image text recognition for its . The new feature will scan PDF documents and images as well. This means that it will allow users to search Dropbox for text in documents saved in PDF and format as well. Unlike Word documents, PDFs or images with embedded text can’t be searched, but Dropbox looks to change that with the introduction of image text recognition. This optical character recognition feature has only been made available to Dropbox Professional, Business Advanced, and Enterprise accounts.

text recognition is done with the help of machine intelligence capabilities, and this feature has been conceptualised by the DBXi team. The optical character recognition feature allows scanning of images and PDFs, alongside normal documents, to let you search for text found within them. It works on JPEG, static GIF, PNG, TIFF, and PDF files in your premium Dropbox account, including files you’ve added in the past, and the files you’ll add in the future.

“Looking for a contract that a teammate scanned years ago? Just search for the vendor. Trying to track down blueprints an architect put together for your remodel? Type in their name. Can’t remember where you saved that flight itinerary screenshot? Enter in the destination airport. And for files you add in the future, now you won’t have to worry about renaming images so you can find them later on,” Dropbox explains how image text recognition will enhance search, in its blog

Dropbox Business Advanced and Enterprise admins can visit the admin console for early access, while Dropbox Professional users will be able to see the feature over the coming months. This feature will work only over English text.

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