Facebook and Instagram Test Cross Platform Stories

Facebook has long encouraged cross-posting within its family of apps including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook itself. Now the social media giant is testing a new feature that will allow you to view Instagram directly from Facebook.

Some users have reported that they are able to see Instagram within their Facebook apps. You can tell whether it’s an Instagram story or a Facebook story based on the color around the profile picture. Facebook stories will have blue circles while Instagram stories will have orange and pink color schemes.

Facebook has made it clear that this will not change who gets to see your stories. Only the people that follow your Instagram and have their Facebook profiles linked to their Instagram will be able to see your stories on Facebook. Even then they will have to enable the option to see Instagram stories.

The company’s spokesperson Matt Navarra said that this is a limited and the company will be listening to feedback to adjust the new feature accordingly. He added that it “respects all existing privacy settings” and Instagram users will be able to keep this option off.

This is another step towards Facebook’s effort of bringing all of its social media platforms together. We will also see similar features arriving on WhatsApp soon.

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