Google Apps Will Show Security Warnings if Your Passwords Get Stolen

is enabling its new protocols for all of its . All of your Google apps will soon warn you directly through the app if your passwords have been compromised.

Not only that, but the apps will also warn you if there are any issues with your account and will warn you though the app you’re currently using. One of the advantages of this feature is that it is difficult to spoof as the notifications are delivered directly from the app.

Another new change is “Guest Mode” for the Google Assistant which will disable it from saving any of your queries or questions on your account. It will still save conversations, but they will not be tied to any specific accounts. Guest Mode can easily be enabled through voice commands.

Additionally, Google will soon allow you to edit your own location history. You can make changes to the places you’ve visited, add new ones that it missed, or remove the ones you want.

These features will slowly roll out to a limited number of users over the coming weeks, but will eventually release globally for everyone to use.

More information on these features will surface in the next few days.

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