Google cracks down on android apps

Google is manually reviewing that request access to a smartphone’s phone or texting features. The move fulfils a promise to restrict how can access these functions on Android .

In the announcement last October, the company explained that it would restrict which apps could ask for access to data and phone functions, including call logs.

Under the new rules, only apps selected as the default text or phone will be allowed access to that data. Google will grant exceptions, but only when an needs to ask for those permissions for specific activities that are part of its core functionality. These backing up and restoring data, spam protection, synchronizing between devices or transferring calls, and task automation.

For an app to request this access at all, it must first be approved by a Google employee. To get that approval, must fill out a declaration form. Google’s teams will consider several factors when approving an app, including the benefit to the user, and whether will understand why the app needs full access to this data.

They will also consider whether there are alternative ways for the app to achieve its goals. On its help page, Google lists other ways for apps to access the phone and SMS functions on a phone, but they require user intervention.

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