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could be upgrading back catalogue films in your digital library to versions soon. And for .

As Apple did during the launch of the 4K version of Apple TV, Google has plans to automatically upgrade all supported movies on its Movies & TV store. It also looks like your own bought films will be replaced with higher resolution versions where possible.

The discovery was found in the APK of the latest Google Play Movies & TV app by Android Police.

A few lines of code found in the APK contain the phrase: “Enjoy this higher quality on any supported 4K device. %1$d of your movies just got a free upgrade to 4K.” The “%1$d” code signifies the amount of your films that have 4K alternatives available.

Only those that have a 4K version on the Play store will be .

It is also thought that, wherever available, 4K bought in future will cost the same as the HD equivalent – and play in Ultra HD on compatible devices.

There is no indication as yet as to whether HDR will be included too, but we would be surprised if not considering Apple offers many movies in 4K HDR, even Dolby Vision.

And there are plenty of Android handsets out there now with HDR capable displays.

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