Hacking into WhatsApp can make you a millionaire

There are companies out there who are ready to shell out a huge sum of money if you are able to exploit such sensitive platform.This may be a completely ethical run, law agencies are in need of methods that can help them either spy on certain accounts or crack into a case.

Criminals and terrorists make use of such messaging platforms for their illegal activities and cracking into them is what the government and law agencies are continuously in need of.

A startup firm, Zerodium, is known for buying and selling tools and exploits to governments and law agencies around the world. Now, they have announced that they are looking for people who can send them hacks and exploits done remotely, and are ready to pay u to $1 million. This also includes remote iOS jailbreaks and Windows exploits, reported Motherboard.

“Messaging apps in general and in particular are sometimes the only communication channel used by targets and end-to-end encryption makes it difficult for our government customers to intercept such communications,” Zerodium’s founder Chaouki Bekrar told Motherboard in an online chat. “So having the ability to remotely compromise these apps directly without compromising the whole phone is much more strategic and effective.”

With highly sensitive information on smartphones today, and the amount that can be paid for cracking into them (in some cases, up to $2 million are spent), this only goes to say that smartphones today are getting more and more secure. It is increasingly getting harder to crack into iOS and Android systems today.

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