After High Court Orders, PTA Notifies TikTok Ban in Pakistan

Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has blocked access to app in Pakistan, we have confirmed with authorities.

PTA spokesperson said that in compliance with the Peshawar High Court, services providers have been directed to immediately block access to Tik Tok app in the country.

TikTok App, at the time of filing of this report, is not accessible for users in Pakistan on various ISPs.

The official further stated that with reference to the hearing on TikTok App in Peshawar High Court it is being quoted in (certain section of) media that the PTA director said the authority had sent a request to TikTok officials but had not yet received a “positive response”.

PTA representative did not make any such remark in the Court.

“In fact, the report submitted to the Court, which is part of the record, stated that TikTok is cooperating with PTA in regulating objectionable content”, said the statement issued by PTA.

It must be mentioned here that TikTok was previously banned by PTA, for objectionable Content, at least twice but it was reinstated after assurances from TikTok.

This time, however, it is different as the court ruled for the ban and no one (at its own) can reinstate the access of TikTok in Pakistan unless the company appears in the court, or anyone from the public is able to justify that TikTok will ensure removal of objectionable content from its platform.

TikTok has said that it complies with local laws to ensure that any objectionable content is removed.

It must be noted that a similar court ban on YouTube in 2010 lasted for four years until the company ensured the court and the government that no objectionable content will be allowed for access in Pakistan.

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