How to download WhatsApp to your Android tablet

If you are a tech-savvy person in 2019, two things are likely: you own more than one device and you probably use WhatsApp to keep in touch with your friends and family. Maybe you want to put your phone down for a while and play on your tablet, but going through the Google Play Store to download the ridiculously popular messaging app has proved fruitless. There are a couple of solutions.

Unfortunately, by default, WhatsApp still isn’t compatible with tablets, but there are a couple of ways to get around this annoyance. Some of the solutions involve complex maneuvers like installing an APK, but there is an easier method that is far simpler than that, and it works. Here is our guide on how to install WhatsApp on a tablet.

Firstly, it is worth pointing out that despite its popularity and the likelihood that all of your friends are using it, WhatsApp is not the perfect messaging app for tablets. Due to its lack of support, there are better options for those who want a messaging app which is designed for parallel operation across multiple devices. Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger and Telegram are all good alternatives. All of these options synchronize automatically across your devices and do not require an SMS confirmation. However, we get that sometimes you just want to be where your friends are, so here’s how you do it.

So you’ve already got WhatsApp on your smartphone but are just dying to use it on your tablet? Well, this is by far the quickest and easiest solution out there to get WhatsApp on your tablet and it works on iPads as well as tablets.

In early 2015, WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Web, a web client that mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile device. To achieve this synchronization, your smartphone needs to be continuously connected to the internet, as all the conversations are actually happening through your phone. The service is popular with people who use WhatsApp on a PC from their desks at work or at home.


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