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It’s not often a press release arrives by hand, locked in a safe, with an emoji-encoded password to crack to unlock and find the goods within. But that’s the tact has taken with its latest tease of the ‘next ’, widely believed to be the 20 Pro.

Inside said safe was a promotional placard depicting the company’s previous high-end devices – the P10 Plus, Mate 10 Pro and P20 Pro – along with a blank spot at the end of the , represented by a question mark and attached battery charging pack. It refers to the Chinese company’s upcoming device.

Why does this matter? Take a look at the placard and it’s not hard to see the bar graph-like battery capacities listed, showing the upcoming ‘Mate 20 Pro’ as the battery in the range to date (assuming it’s greater than the Ascend Mate 7’s 4,100mAh capacity, anyway).

Unless we’re getting ahead of ourselves: the Shinngo charger, once removed from the placard, reveals it only holds a 4,000mAh capacity in itself. Which is most likely an overlooked detail, as the Mate 20 Pro has long been expected to be the big battery boss to beat.

When will we find out? Presumably IFA – the largest trade show in Europe, at the end of August through to beginning of September 2018 – is a little too early in the year, although we do expect the Kirin 980 processor to be revealed in full then, ready to make way for this Mate 20 Pro and possible Mate X.

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