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IFA, or Internationale Funkausstellung, is Europe’s biggest tech show. Held in Berlin over the first few days of September, it’s one of the most significant spots on the calendar for product launches.

The show started in 1924 as a radio convention and now, hosted in Messe Berlin, it’s one of the world’s largest tech shows. Unlike many, IFA is open to the public, meaning anyone can go an marvel at the latest and greatest technology.

IFA 2018 is being held in Berlin from 31 August-5 September. These are the dates that the show is open to the public at Messe Berlin.

However, the press day – when information about new products is released – will fall on the days before this with 29 and 30 August likely to be the most active in terms of new announcements.

We will be there in force to bring you all the announcements that matter as they happen.

IFA 2017 gave us some great launches, including Sony’s new HW-1000XM2 headphones, the Fitbit Ionic and the LG V30 phone.

As we’re still some time from the new show, the exact details of what will be launched at IFA 2018 remain something of a mystery, but there are some early indications of what we might expect. As companies make announcements, we’ll keep this feature updated with all the details.

LG used IFA 2018 to launch the LG V30. It was the first time that LG had actually launched at the show and it was the first time that the LG V30 was going on sale in Europe. With people already talking about the LG V40 – there’s every chance that LG might use the show for its second major device launch of the year.

Panasonic usually has a large presence at IFA and with the company celebrating 100 years, it’s sure to have something to talk about at IFA 2018. Exactly what that might be at the moment, we can’t be sure.

Philips is likely to use IFA 2018 to reassert its TV line-up, as well as push some of its other consumer segments. Expect news of its OLED TVs.

Razer moved itself into the phone business following the acquisition of Nextbit and rumours about the Razer Phone 2 have been circulating all year. With the recent launch of the ROG Phone as a gaming challenger, the race is now on. There’s a rumour that Razer will be looking at IFA 2018 to show off this new device, but details are light on the ground right now.

There’s also been talk of Project Linda launching, the company’s take on the hybrid laptop that uses your phone to power it.

Samsung has used IFA to announce one of the biggest devices of the year – literally. For many years, IFA was the launch pad for the Samsung Galaxy Note. Will that be the case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9? That remains to be seen, but we’re hearing a lot of rumours about this new handset already.

It seems that the Note 9 might appear before IFA, however, with talk of an event on 9 August in New York to launch the new device.

There’s also talk of a next-gen Samsung Gear smartwatch. First up, rumours are suggesting it will be called Galaxy Gear this time, and secondly, there has been some flip-flopping on whether it will be Wear OS or Tizen. We think it will stick to Tizen.

Sony often has something to launch at IFA, be that a new flagship TV, headphones or even an Xperia handset. Having just announced the Xperia XZ2 Premium, the company has a full roster of new phones, but that’s unlikely to stop it.

Talk of the Sony Xperia XZ3 has already started, with rumours suggesting that the dual camera of the Xperia XZ2 Premium might find its way into a device like the Xperia XZ2, but slimmer. It’s a classic Sony Mobile move and we suspect it’s going to happen at IFA.

Sony has also been making some strange moves in TVs recently. It announced a new, cheaper OLED TV, as well as a range of 4K HDR LCD TVs, but it never really replaced the ZD9, it’s LCD flagship from a few years ago. It’s not hard to imagine Sony replacing this model with a new super-specced LCD TV at IFA.

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