Instagram reportedly working on a feature that could keep spammers out of your DMs

Instagram is on a feature that could help you keep the unsolicited d***kpics and other unwanted “wanna do frandship” messages out of your inbox.

Security researchers and coder Jane Manchun Wang recently spotted a new feature on Instagram’s backend that would give users the power to choose who can send them messages.

Currently, you can shield your account from unsolicited messages but the only effective way to actually do that is by making your account private. However, with this reported feature, you may be able to block unwanted messages without removing your account’s public status.

The other option is to make your account a “Creator Account” (if it’s rolled out to you) in order to use the 2-Tab Inbox, which lets you prioritise the messages in your DM.

Wang shared a screenshot of Instagram Settings, wherein, under Messaging Controls you will be able to choose if you want to see messages from ‘everyone’ or from ‘people I follow’.

In addition to that, Wang’s screenshot also reveals that you will soon also be able to control who can add you to group chats. You will again have an option here to choose if ‘everyone’ can add you to group chats, or if it is only the people you follow who can do that.


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