Is your smartphone compatible with Android 10 Q?

As such, it is a good idea to offer a new version of every year. On the other hand, in practice it is not really effective because has a serious distribution problem: few use Pie, 21.5% use Ore, 28.2% use Nougat and 21.3% use Marshmallow, these two systems having been launched respectively in 2017 and 2018. Are you one of the lucky ones who can test the Q beta?

On which devices can I install Android 10 Q?

You will find below several tables. For each device, several options are possible: either the update is available in beta, or it is not available but the manufacturer has promised that it will get it, or the manufacturer has not made a decision and we still write his name because we think he will receive it.

Android 10 Q beta compatible devices

Unfortunately, only Pixel users will receive this first beta version. This is disappointing but not a surprise, except last year when Google offered other brands (HMD, Sony….) to test the developer preview, because historically Google has always favored Pixel and Nexus. Please note that no Nexus is in the running this year.

It is not impossible that Google may offer the next beta to other smartphones, as it was able to do last year. No names or dates were provided.

Android 10 Q Google Update

Android Q (in beta)
Google Pixel3 Yes (Update received)
Google Pixel3XL Yes (Update received)
Google Pixel 2 Yes (Update received)
Google Pixel 2 XL Yes (Update received)
Google Pixel Yes (Update received)
Google Pixel XL Yes (Update received)
AndroidPIT Google Pixel 2 1661
The Google Pixel 2 is one of the lucky ones. AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

Devices that will receive the final version of Android 10 Q

It has (unfortunately) become normal to ask the following question: “will I receive the update?” Naively, some people think they will automatically receive it because they have bought a recent smartphone but unfortunately it is not that simple. It is up to the smartphone manufacturer to choose when the update will be performed, if updated.

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Users of the latest range of flagships should theoretically receive the update, as should some mid-range devices (such as Samsung’s A’s). Android One smartphones should also receive it, but sometimes they also fall behind.

Manufacturers should soon confirm which devices will receive the update, we will of course list them in this article for clarity. For the moment, we are upgrading the smartphones that will probably receive the update.

Android 10 Q Update

We update this list every time we receive new information. In the meantime, feel free to comment if you know of any smartphones that will be updated, and also feel free to share your first impressions of Android Q.

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