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Back in July, when the JioPhone 2 was announced, the company revealed that the first-generation model that went official last will get , Facebook and on August 15. However, the were rolled out later in batches. Now, all these are available on the for the interested users to download.

JioPhone gets dedicated YouTube app: How to install from JioStore

WhatsApp was rolled out recently to the JioPhone and now YouTube is also available. Similar to the and iOS versions of the , YouTube for KaiOS also has the Home and Trending tabs. You can sign in to your Google account in order to get personalized results that you might be interested in watching.

How to download YouTube on JioPhone

In order to download the YouTube app on JioPhone, you should visit the JioStore from the menu and find the app from the list of available apps. All you need to do is press the Install option. Notably, your phone should run the latest version of the KaiOS to download and install the app. You can check the version of the KaiOS from Settings → Device → Software update.

YouTube features on KaiOS

As the screen size will be small on the 4G feature phone as compared to its Android and iOS counterparts, you can use the full-screen option on YouTube to watch videos in the landscape . You can also share the videos on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Though the interface is similar, the app does not have notable features such as Dark mode or Incognito mode. You cannot download videos to watch the same when you are offline. Also, you need to move the on-screen cursor with the D-Pad to navigate. Notably, you can have a better experience if you are using the JioPhone 2 as it has a QWERTY keypad for typing.

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Though the overall experience of using the app on JioPhone is not too noteworthy, it is great to have the direct access to YouTube right from the device’s menu. Have you downloaded the app on your JioPhone? How was your experience using the app on a feature phone? Do let us know from the comments section below.

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