Lumosity Mind Wants to Help You Find Calm, Clarity, Focus and More

And developer Lumos Labs is looking to make waves in another popular category mindfulness .

The new Mind app can help in a number of areas. To begin, users can select what areas they want to improve. Some of the areas include stress relief, better sleep, better focus, and more.

Those selections will help create your personalized training plan to help reach your goals.

You can also quickly and easily access the library with all of the different meditations. Some of the more advance topics include cultivating kindness, letting go of blame, and more.

Designed for the iPhone and all models, Lumosity Mind is available to download now on the App Store for free.

After a seven-day free trial of all the app’s content, you’ll need to subscribe for $59.99 per year.

Whether you’re new or a veteran to meditation apps, Lumosity Mind is an interesting choice to check out. The app has a wide variety of different topics in a simple and easy-to-use format.

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