Messenger finally coming back to the Facebook app

Messenger will soon reunite with the app. Buried in a blog post that attempts to reassure users that Facebook's most definitely not dying, Meta officially announced that it's conducting a test that adds Messenger back into the . “You'll see us expand this testing soon,” Facebook leader Tom Alison writes in the post.

As my colleague Alex pointed out last year, Facebook's making the change to better compete with TikTok, which has the built-in messaging options that Facebook got rid of nearly a decade ago now. Meta doesn't say how many people will start seeing the built-in inbox, though. I'm personally glad to hear that Meta's putting Messenger back into Facebook, and I'll be even happier when it brings it back to the mobile browser version of the platform.

“Facebook is not dead nor dying, but in fact alive and thriving with 2 billion daily active users”

In its announcement, Facebook also reiterated that it now has more users than ever before. “Contrary to reports otherwise, Facebook is not dead nor dying, but in fact alive and thriving with 2 billion daily active users,” Alison writes. “People are using Facebook for more than connecting with friends and family, but also to discover and engage around what is most important to them.”

It's unclear how many of those “daily” Facebook users are those who inadvertently got roped into posting to the platform, however. A report from The New York Times reveals that many teens and young adults on Instagram didn't realize they ticked off a box that gives Instagram permission to share their posts to Facebook when signing up to the platform. “It feels so sneaky,” one 28-year-old Instagram user tells the Times. “Is Facebook suffering so badly?”

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