Microsoft Edge 93 Will Make Life Better for iOS Users

If you’ve been using on iOS, you’ve probably been a bit miffed that the Windows users get all the cool features before you. Fortunately, Microsoft is updating Edge so that iOS users have a better time using the browser.

Microsoft’s Plans for Edge on iOS

You can catch all the juicy details on the Microsoft Tech Community. Unfortunately, the update is currently only on the Dev build, so you’ll need to download a special version of Edge to see this update for yourself.

Of particular note are some nice improvements for people on iOS. For one, will now show Picture-in-Picture options for iOS users. This means you can “pop out” a video player and have it follow you around, no matter which tab you’re on perfect for watching YouTube while you work.

You can also now use fingerprint scanning on iOS Edge. This feature locks viewing or auto-filling passwords behind a biometric scan, so people can’t get into your accounts without your fingerprint.

You’ve probably also noticed that using Microsoft Edge’s revolutionary vertical tabs on iOS sometimes didn’t scroll down to a new tab when you opened one. Fortunately, this update fixes that, too.

People on other systems have reason to check out the new Dev build too. For instance, if you used inking and noticed a considerable delay between what you do and the results appearing on the screen, Edge 93 fixes that. It also fixes random missing toast notifications, language problems with the Save As dialog, and some Settings pages showing nothing.

Microsoft Edge 93 has a handful of stability updates, too. So, for instance, if you noticed that Edge crashed when swapping profiles or using Google Meet, that’s now a thing of the past. And if you noticed that Edge sometimes just gives up when trying to do something as simple as visiting a website, that’s fixed too.

There are still plenty more features in Microsoft Edge 93, so be sure to check out the full notes linked above and download an Insider build of Edge to see all the changes yourself.

Giving iOS Users Some Love With Edge 93

Microsoft Edge 93 has just hit the testing phase, and it already looks like a killer update for iOS-based fans. If using Edge outside of Windows has caused you a bit of grief, give the Dev build a try and see if it cures your woes.

If you like the idea of trying out all the fresh new Edge updates, you should stick with the Dev or Canary builds. Some interesting features pop up there from time to time, such as the new “HTTPS only” mode.

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