Microsoft Removes Two Stock Apps From Windows 10 Installations

Microsoft released the Paint 3D and 3D Viewer for 10 back in 2017. The company now thinks these apps shouldn’t be among the essential ones, and so it’s removing these two apps from your future Windows 10 installations.

Removal of Paint 3D and 3D Viewer From Windows 10

As announced on the Microsoft Blogs, the company says that your future Windows 10 Insider build installations won’t include Paint 3D and 3D Viewer apps by default. The company is removing these two stock apps from its list.

Here’s the official announcement:

3D Viewer and Paint 3D will no longer be preinstalled on clean installs of the latest Insider Preview builds. Both apps will still be available in the Store and will stay on your device after an OS update. So, if you upgraded your PC like normal, you shouldn’t see these apps changed in your app list.

Although this announcement currently only applies to Insider builds, it wouldn’t be too long before it’s implemented for stable Windows 10 builds.

The Paint 3D and 3D Viewer Apps

Paint 3D was actually Microsoft’s plan to replace the traditional Paint app and allow you to create both 2D and 3D arts on your PC. 3D Viewer was an app that helped you view 3D models along with several controls, like the ability to change the lights, inspect models, and tweak various shading models.

It seems Microsoft no longer sees much potential in these apps, and so it’s decided not to include these in fresh Windows 10 installations.

Losing Paint 3D and 3D Viewer in Windows 10

You won’t lose these apps if you’re just upgrading your computer to the latest versions. These apps will only be removed if you clean install a copy of Windows 10 on your computer.

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If you have these apps installed on your computer, you’ll be able to continue using them as usual. Nothing will change for you.

How to Get Paint 3D and 3D Viewer After Microsoft Removes Them

Microsoft says that both these apps will continue to be available on the Microsoft Store, and you’ll be able to download them like other regular apps.

So, once you’ve done a fresh install of Windows 10, you’ll basically just need to visit the Microsoft Store, search for these apps, and click their download buttons to download the apps to your computer.

If you have issues finding these apps, here are direct links to these apps on the Microsoft Store:

Less Bloatware in Fresh Windows 10 Installations

The next time you install Windows 10 on your computer, you’ll have two less stock apps to deal with. However, if you do need these apps, you can always grab them from the official Microsoft Store.

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