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It’s taken a fair while but it seems the Palm brand is finally coming back to the smartphone market soon.

There has been talk of a new Palm handset being released since TCL bought the name three years ago, but not much else.

Now it seems we have conclusive proof that a new Palm phone is on its way: the Palm PVG100 has been spotted on WiFi Alliance and FCC certification pages.

Listed as a device from the Palm Ventures Group, the PVG100 has passed the testing required by both the WiFi Aliiance and Federal Communications Commission for release in the US at least.

However, don’t expect anything too elaborate. While it will come with Android 8.1 and LTE mobile connectivity, it only supports single-band Wi-Fi. Just support for the 2.4GHz frequency band is listed for the device.

WIFi AlliancePalm Pvg100 Will See Return Of Iconic Brand As An Android Phone image 2

Considering the listings have popped up now, it is likely the phone will be formally announced soon. TCL previously suggested a new Palm phone could be released before the end of 2018. It’s looking that way now, for sure.

Some previous reports also suggested that it could be Verizon exclusive in the States. We haven’t heard anything about a UK release, so that could be the case.

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