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Personal media server software has updated its TV interface with a new channel guide. Such a feature seems, on the surface, like it would be a simple thing to offer: it’s just a page of live content. However, Plex points out that it isn’t that simple, not when you factor in the DVR feature and the maker’s multi-layer recording engine.

Plex is primarily used as a way to access one’s video library using an interface that isn’t terribly different from Netflix, at least in terms of features. The software remembers where a person stopped watching a show, offers direct access to ratings, library search, and more.

A more recent addition to the Plex software was support for live over-the-air television, assuming the user has the appropriate antenna and box. Plex offers a DVR feature with its live TV platform, enabling users to record their favorite episodes, store them on their server, and watch them later on.

The DVR feature isn’t a basic tool, though, instead being powered by tech that works with a scheduling engine to optimize recording schedules. This is great for users, but also made offering them one of their most requested features tricky: a grid-view for the channel guide. This view is akin to the traditional one you find on cable and satellite services.

Despite the complexity of the issue, Plex made it happen and it is now available on Plex web. The company promises that it will roll out the feature on other platforms in the future, though it hasn’t provided a timeline or any indication of which may get it first. If you’re interested in setting up your own Plex live system, you’ll need to sign up for a Plex Pass subscription.


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