Red Dead Redemption 2 is a mammoth 105GB download | Apps

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2 will available from Friday, 26 October for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but if you plan to buy it you have to make sure you have enough space on your hard drive to store the entire game.

That’s because it has been revealed to take up a massive of storage space – on PS4 Pro at least. That’s a tenth of the Pro’s 1TB drive.

And if you don’t have superfast broadband but ordered the digital copy, expect to wait a fair few hours before you can play it.

The size of the game was revealed on leaked box art of a planned Red Dead Redemption 2 edition PS4 Pro, as posted by fansite Rockstar Intel.

The small print in the image also reveals that Red Dead Online, the free multi-player game that comes with Redemption 2, will cater for between two and 32 players.

It also states that PS4 owners will get timed exclusive content that gives them a 30-day head start over their Xbox One-owning chums.

In terms of the file size, it is worth noting that the 105GB figure could be related to the PS4 Pro version of Red Dead 2 specifically. Often, the enhanced 4K graphics take up more space than the same game in 1080p.

It’ll still be huge to , we’d expect. In many ways we hope it is.

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