Samsung Introduce New AI Photo Editing App Fix Blurry Images

has introduced a new AI app designed to clean up your blurry images with just one tap. Galaxy Enhance-X is built for Galaxy phones running Android 10 or later, which includes the Galaxy S9 up to the S22 as well as several mid-range models in the Galaxy A-series, among others. It's available to download for free now.

What Is Samsung Galaxy Enhance-X?

Galaxy Enhance-X was actually launched in early July, as reported by SamMobile, yet has gone largely unnoticed by most users. You can download the app through the Galaxy Store in the US. It's rolling out in other countries as well, although at the time of writing was not available everywhere.

If it isn't available where you are, you can try it out by sideloading the version available at APKMirror, as long as you have a compatible phone. APKMIrror is our top pick for safe places to download APK files.

Enhance-X uses what's described as “AI-based techniques” to fix and clean up your images. It offers several basic photo editing tools, such as those for adjusting the brightness or applying HDR effects. But there are also a few things that you'd normally only expect to find in more pro-level editing apps like Lightroom.

App Features:

  • Removing blur from your photos caused by camera shake or excess movement from the subject
  • Lightening images shot in low light conditions
  • Fixing more, the unwanted pattern that can sometimes occur when shooting displays or certain types of fabric
  • Removing reflections

The app can also enlarge your photos by two or three times—this is one of the most common uses of AI in photo editing apps, although the results can sometimes vary wildly in quality. Not that that matters too much, as the app saves the edited photo as a copy, so you always have the original to fall back on if you aren't happy with the results.

Samsung's Galaxy Enhance-X looks like another solid addition to the already impressive suite of camera and photo editing tools the company provides for its phones, tools that help it keep up with the likes of Apple and Google in the photography stakes. The phones have been able to shoot and edit RAW images for a while now, and have also picked up the clever new Object Eraser tool that cleanly removes unwanted objects or people from your photos.

More Samsung Apps

Samsung once had a reputation for building bad or unwanted apps. But in recent years, the company has really stepped up its software game. Although Enhance-X is only available to Samsung users, there are a lot more Samsung apps that are worth installing by anyone.

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