Samsung One UI 2.0 for Android 10 is already finished

As soon as Google has announced the name for 10, Samsung said that it has already its One UI 2.0 customization. A video shows what the new One UI 2.0 is all about. But the big question remains: when is the Galaxy smartphone update coming?

Portuguese YouTuber, Dudu Rocha, released a video in which he shows the new Samsung One UI 2.0 on his Galaxy S10 Plus and compares it with the previous version on the Galaxy S9 Plus. The video mainly shows new menus and settings. For example, the Quick Toggles, which you can drag down from above, now take up the whole screen. There is also a new gesture control at Samsung that shows only one (instead of the three) fine strokes at the bottom of the image.

In the security settings of One UI 2.0, the features from Android 10 have found their way into the new software. This should give Android users even more control over the permissions for apps. However, these changes are not Samsung specific, they belong to the normal Android system in the new version.

The update brings Note features to the Galaxy S10

The Galaxy S10 Plus will get the update to Android 10 and the One UI 2.0 and, in addition, some features of the Galaxy Note 10 apparently. Link to Windows, the new version of Samsung DeX, is among them as well as the new Screen Recorder from Samsung. The Galaxy S10 Plus does not currently support the S-Pen, and the update to Android 10 and the One UI 2.0 will not change that.

When is the update coming?

The big question for users remains: how long will it be until the update to One UI 2.0 and Android 10 arrives on Galaxy smartphones? It does, however, give us hope that Samsung is obviously at quite an advanced stage with the new software. In the past few years, the South Koreans haven’t been speedy with new Android versions coming to their smartphones. This may well change with One UI 2.0.

A plausible time to announce the update would be the Samsung Developer Conference in San José. This will take place on October 29 and 30, and last year Samsung gave the go-ahead there for the first, rebuilt One UI.


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