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Volkswagen-owned is beginning the rollout of Amazon Alexa to its vehicles so drivers can be every bit as frustrated with Alexa in the car as they are when asking for a pancake recipe in the kitchen (we jest, of course).

There is one caveat though; you’ll need an Android phone to use the service to begin with. It will come to iOS, says Seat, but there’s no timeframe for that at present.

Alexa is now available in the UK on model year 19 Leon and Ateca models equipped with navigation, via the Android Seat Media Control with Amazon Alexa .

All you’ll need to do is press the control button on the steering wheel and speak.

If you have one of the compatible cars you’ll be able to download Seat Media Control with Amazon Alexa from Google Play, connect it to the vehicle and you’ll find the Alexa voice service is ready to use.

Now with just a tap of the steering wheel, you’ll be able to ask Alexa for music, points of interest and more without taking eyes off the road. Naturally, all the usual Alexa skills and commands are supported. There are an incredible 45,000 skills now on the platform.

Voice assistants are one of the new battlegrounds for in-car tech, with Google Assistant coming to Android Auto and other manufacturers throwing their weight behind Alexa including other Ford, BMW/Mini and Toyota/Lexus. Volkswagen and Skoda will also support it as you might expect if Seat is. 

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