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Siri Shortcuts is Apple’s latest mobile app, first released with the iOS 12 software update. Now, with iOS 12.1 rolling out globally, the Siri Shortcuts app has also received an update in the form of version 2.1. This version of the Siri Shortcuts app now comes with several additions including shortcuts for checking the latest weather, setting alarms and timers, unit conversion, viewing the latest imported photo in the Photos app, and playing directly on the HomePod smart speaker. Bug fixes have also been included in the latest software update for Siri Shortcuts.

As mentioned, the Siri Shortcuts app on the Apple App Store has received the latest version 2.1 software update. It comes with multiple new shortcuts across certain native . You can check the latest weather with the new Get Current Weather and Get Weather Forecast actions or set alarms and timers with the new Create Alarm, Toggle Alarm, and Start Timer actions.

Users can also quickly convert between several units using the new Measurement and Convert Measurement actions, and get the last imported photos from the native Photos app using the new Get Last Import action now on Siri Shortcuts. Lastly, when running a shortcut from HomePod using Siri, media can now automatically play back from HomePod using AirPlay. Certain bug fixes have been introduced, however the details were not revealed.

The Siri Shortcuts app was first released in beta on the App Store in July this year. Designed to take on and Routines from Google Assistant, Siri Shortcuts lets users create an entire series of actions across different native and third-party apps or controls and can be carried by using a Siri voice command or by tapping on the screen.

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