Snapchat launches Lens Explore so you can find new lenses to try | Apps & Software

Snap is finally letting you access all those Lens Studio creations, with a new update to the Snapchat app.

Last December, Snap launched a free desktop app, called Lens Studio, that gave everyone the ability to create augmented reality “lenses” for Snapchat. Since launching the app, over 100,000 lenses have been created. Now, it’s launching Lens Explore to bring Lens Studio creations directly to millions of Snapchatters. So, for the first time, they will be discoverable in the main lens carousel.

This will give Snapchatters even more AR lenses to try. There are two UK creators that Snapchat is focusing on at launch: Clara Bacou and Tim Prochak. Bacou is a London-based 3D artist with “flamboyant 3D illustrations of fantastical beasts, beautiful flora, and surreal patterns.” Her new Snapchat lenses include Dragon and Fu Dog. Meanwhile, Prochak is an Edinburgh-based motion designer.

He specialises in projection mapping and interactive experiences. His new Snapchat lenses include Bad Acid and KuteKittensCustom. To find them, or Lens Explorer, tap the new smiley face icon that appears when the lens carousel is active. (To activate the lens carousel, open up Snapchat, and when the camera is facing you, long press on the screen until the carousel appears at the bottom.)

Tap a lens tile to unlock a lens and be taken directly to the Snap camera. You can also browse new lenses through the Our Stories feature in Snapchat, and you can unlock a lens by swiping up in those stories.

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