Snapchat’s controversial redesign caused it to hemorrhage users | Apps News

Snapchat has lost a whopping three million users.

It had 188 million daily active users during the three-month period that ended in June 2018. That’s a 2-percent drop from the 191 million daily active users it has at the end of the first quarter. Keep in mind the Snap-owned app has had trouble with growth since earlier this year, when it launched a now-controversial that was met with a wave of complaints by users.

Snapchat later made some changes, but in the months following, over 1.2 million users around the globe signed a petition, asking the company to revert back told the old design. Snapchat also has been struggling to keep up with the growing popularity of Instagram Stories, which has more than 300 million daily active users. Snap CEO’s addressed these issues during today’s earnings call.

Evan Spiegel said Snap does consider users’ feedback: “We feel that we have now addressed the biggest frustrations we’ve heard, and are eager to make more progress on the tremendous opportunity we now have to show more of the right content to the right people.”

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