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SoundCloud has partnered with clearance startup , giving SoundCloud artists and a straightforward and legally sound path to clear the rights to samples and uploaded to the platform. Dubset is a technological go-between that lets artists clear the rights to copyrighted material owned by music labels. Artists upload songs and add all original attributions to Dubset’s MixBANK portal, and then its MixSCAN tech scans the tracks for copyrighted material to appropriately collect and distribute royalties.

For SoundCloud, which has struggled in the past with appropriately compensating artists and ensuring its aren’t uploading copyright-infringing material, this is a big step forward in sure original creators get paid while bootleg remixes, mashups, originals that use unlicensed samples and vocals, and DJ mixes () can flourish on the platform. Dubset has, in recent years, partnered with numerous labels and streaming services like Sony Music, indie label Merlin, and Tidal to create a bridge between labels and streaming providers for this type of proper rights clearance and royalty distribution.

“SoundCloud is where content creators live. It is the most important platform on the planet for creators and the ultimate partner for Dubset,” Dubset CEO Stephen White said in a statement. “Mixes and remixes not only establish incremental new revenue for artists and composers, they have proven over and over to be powerful music discovery growth tools, consistently driving growth in plays of the original track as well. We are very excited to bring Dubset’s clearance capabilities to SoundCloud’s users.”

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The partnership is starting later this year with an invite-only beta specific to individual remixes, while SoundCloud and Dubset “will work together to extend the program to include full DJ sets over time.” SoundCloud, more so than streaming services and perhaps rivaled only by YouTube, is the premier platform for this particular type of music. So it makes total sense that the two companies would partner. Listeners, labels, and artists alike should all benefit from the partnership succeeding.

The deal should also become a boon for SoundCloud Premier, the platform’s new monetization service that opened to the public earlier this month and promises to help creators get paid directly. Up until now, however, it’s been exclusive to artists who own the rights to the material they upload. With Dubset’s help, that could change.

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