Spotify now requires location data to prevent abuse of family plans

wants to know your  from now on. The reason? People are increasing abusing the music streaming service’s family , which are used differently than intended.

In August, Spotify changed its Spotify Premium Family Terms and Conditions to require users to report their location from time to time. This is to ensure that the users of such a family account actually belong to the same family. The new terms and conditions will gradually come into force, as was the case in the U.S. on September 5 and in Ireland at the end of August. Customers have 30 days to either accept the new terms and conditions or reject and leave Spotify.

Spotify has introduced family access to allow families and flat-sharing communities to use a shared account. More and more users, however, grasped the term “family” quite broadly and so simply shared the cost of the popular music streaming service with friends and colleagues. A single user pays $9.99 per month for Spotify Premium, the $14.99 family account can be used by up to six people, essentially making Spotify just $2.50 a month each.

Does everything really always have to be cheaper?

The complete Spotify experience for $2.50 a month sounds tempting at first, of course, and it is probably right to call Spotify out for trying to block this tactic. However, you could also spare a thought for the artists, who offer you music, podcasts, and other things on Spotify. They are already making very little money from the millions of people that listen to their work on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Sure, Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran may not care, but the countless smaller artists are asking themselves more and more whether the whole thing is still worth it. I personally don’t find a tenner a month for tens of millions of titles that can be accessed at any time too much, on the contrary. Just because there’s content online doesn’t mean it’s worth nothing. Some people should think about that from time to time.

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