Spotify’s repeat button is coming back

Spotify is bringing back the after the company pushed out an update last month that buried it inside of a submenu, much to the chagrin of button lovers. The button is now reappearing front and center for some users, including some at The Verge, in an update that’s beginning to roll out.

The previous update reorganized buttons on Spotify’s now playing page and shoved repeat under the three-dot menu in the upper right-hand corner. Now, the repeat button has resurfaced to the left of the playback controls, with shuffle appearing to the right. The updated interface also makes the artist and song title aligned to the left, with the option to heart a song directly across from it

In case you’re wondering if the repeat button will return to your screen, a source tells The Verge that it will take a few days, but the change will eventually reach everyone. It seems the repeat button brigade has been heard.

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